About Us



Wild Game Resources Australia (WGRA) was established in 1952 and was a pioneering force in the establishment of the game harvesting industry in Australia. We procure and distribute Australian wild game meats including kangaroo, wild boar and venison to the domestic and export markets. Starting with a single processing plant we have grown to one of Australia’s leading suppliers of game meat, and have processing facilities in Walgett and St George.

We have established strong domestic and export demand for game meat which provides an opportunity for expansion and innovation within the industry. Working closely with government bodies, export authorities and customers, we are committed to ensuring that a professional approach and high standards are maintained in the field to secure the long term viability of the industry.


Wild Game Resources Australia is on the hunt for new harvesters, locations for collection boxes and collection site managers. Our field managers are looking for properties and shooters with wild deer. All our harvesters must be registered and licensed. See here for requirements

Find out more about working with us, sign up (if you’ve already got the necessary licenses) or contact us for more information